Root Vegetable Month!

During December, we eat lots of special holiday dishes that include filled with memories and warmth. So, it’s a time to get back to our roots – root veggies, that is, because December is National Root Vegetables Month.

What are root vegetables? Root veggies include beets, carrots, celery root, daikon, garlic, ginger, horseradish, Jerusalem artichokes, jicama, kohlrabi, onions, parsnips, radishes, rutabagas, turmeric, turnips, yams, and yucca. Most root veggies are in season during the winter months, even though you can buy them year-round.

Root vegetables can be cooked in every way you can think of – braised, steamed, grilled, braised, and roasted – you get the idea.

Growing underground, they absorb the soil’s nutrients and are packed with Vitamins A & C, potassium, magnesium & they’re high in fiber. These hearty veggies complete any winter meal and their complete carbohydrates are great for your body!

  • Peak Season: Fall through Spring
  • When selecting, the harder the better
  • Store in a cool, dark and humid room & they could last for months

We love these for your CA winter home garden: beets, carrots, parsnip, radish and turnips; and stems such as asparagus and white potato. Try these recipes, if you haven’t already from our recipe page to get your root veggie fix: Honey Glazed Balsamic Beets and Carrots and Yukon Gold Potatoes Gratin