Big Day of Giving

UPDATE: On behalf of California Farmland Trust (CFT), thank you to everyone who contributed during this year’s Big Day of Giving. Your efforts provided much needed support and momentum for nonprofits to continue to thrive.

By joining the movement, you helped CFT raise $24,000 for farmland protection! We also want to thank our friends, John & Jeani Ferrari, who provided $10,000 in matching support. Collectively, your efforts will help us protect farmland, preserve family farms (including Fiorini Ranch) and promote agriculture education (through programs like Orange You Glad We Have Farmland). We are forever grateful for your commitment and connection to the farmland that feeds our families.
Simply stated, we cannot do what we are doing, without your support. Thank you again for your trust and belief in our mission.



California Farmland Trust works to promote agriculture education, protect family farms and preserve agriculture for generations to come. Yet our impact is so much more than the sum of our parts. Our efforts educate the future about the value of farmland in California, while providing sustainable, agriculture-friendly environmental solutions, that ensure our farmers, and family farms continue to grow the food that feeds the world.

The Big Day of Giving on May 6, is an annual 24-hour initiative to grow philanthropy. As we embark on the Big Day of Giving to build a greater future, we ask you to join us. Together, we can redefine the future of California farmland, our environment and our food supply. Once again, thanks to John & Jeani Ferrari, every donation made on the Big Day of Giving will be doubled, up to $5,000!

We hope we can count on your support on May 6, for the Big Day of Giving. Donate online at:

Want to build a fundraising campaign to support CFT?

It only takes a few clicks!

You can take your Big Day of Giving generosity a step further by becoming a fundraising hero from the comforts of home! Fundraising campaigns are an online tool that is a simple and fun way to spread the word among your family and friends. It’s easy to do: You set a goal for how much money you want to raise for California Farmland Trust, fill in a few blanks and you have a page for you to share your campaign’s URL via email, social media, or more! See below for all the details! 


       Monday, April 12: You can begin creating your fundraising campaign page.

       Thursday, April 22: Donors can begin giving to your page.

       Wednesday, May 5: Last day to submit a fundraising campaign page.

       Thursday, May 6: Big Day of Giving! Encourage your networks to give!


How to create a campaign:

“How to” video tutorial:


Go to, and click the “Fundraise” button to begin building a fundraising campaign page.


After you create or log in to your donor account, complete the required information to create a page. Set a fundraising goal and tell audiences why CFT is important to you. Remember to make note of the unique URL you choose for your page; this will be the link you share with your friends and family so they can support your favorite cause!


After filling out the required information, you’re ready to complete your fundraising page. You can hit “Publish My Fundraiser” to make the page live, or you can choose “Save” to come back later to publish your fundraiser. (Even after you publish your page, you can make edits to more fields.)


Fundraising pages are only successful when they’re shared! Starting Thursday, April 22, your friends and family can start giving to your campaign, and you can use your page’s unique URL to share updates in emails, texts, and posts to social media.

Need some help crafting a successful message? You might try starting with something like this:

“For this year’s Big Day of Giving, one of the local nonprofits I’m supporting is California Farmland Trust. This cause matters to me because [explain why you love California Farmland Trust]. I am asking YOU to join me in giving to California Farmland  Trust because their work protects farmland, preserves family farms and promotes agriculture education.”