Farmland Protection

If there is one thing that people have in common, it is that we all need to eat. California is home to agricultural excellence. A unique blend of premium, well-draining soils, water, and a Mediterranean climate makes this state home to some of the world’s most fertile and productive farmland.

California’s rich soils produce over 400 fibrous crops that provide nutrients to communities across the world. Those of us who live in this bountiful state are lucky to experience the luxury of fresh, local produce year-round.

Unfortunately, development trends reveal a daunting truth for California farmland and consumers. In just seven years, California lost 1.3 million acres of farmland to urban sprawl. This unsustainable reality is a threat to the reliability of our land as a dependable food source.

The California Farmland Trust collaborates with dedicated farmers, to ensure their farms remain farms, forever. With the unwavering support of the California agriculture community, forward-thinking landowners, and champions of agricultural land conservation, we are leading the way towards a new appreciation of California farmland — an invaluable resource to be protected, not paved. Together, we can make sure California farmland continues to flourish and nourish communities for generations to come.



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