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See your food on the farm here! – Visit our video page HERE!

Check out our redesigned video page where you can hear about our work to protect the farms that feed your family. Hear about the loss of farmland to the tune of 50,000 acres a year while our population steadily grows. We are losing our best lands to development or conversion. They are not making farmland anymore – help us protect the land the provides us so much!

You can also enjoy seeing how we work with partners like Raley’s Family of Fine Stores to bring food from local farms to your local grocery store.

Also, don’t miss our new series where you can follow your food from the farm to the table. Watch what happens on the farm as we follow a year in the life of almonds, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes. We begin with almonds – pruning, tower pruning and, the necessary player, those busy bees!

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