Media Images

Members of the media are welcomed to use the below photos in articles about California Farmland Trust.  Please credit photos as captioned.  Click on the photo for a higher resolution version.  For additional images, contact Melanee Cottrill at (916) 687-3178 or by email.

Protected Farmland

The permanently protected Menghetti farm in Stanislaus County.  Photo credit Salvo Image.

The permanently protected Messick Farm in San Joaquin County.  Photo credit Salvo Image.

The permanently protected Cecchini Farm, adjacent to Discovery Bay in Contra Costa County.  Photo credit Salvo Image.


Farmer Jim Messick (age 96), who protected his farmland in 2018.  Photo credit California Farmland Trust.  

Jon and Christine Brandstad protected their family farm.  Photo credit Farrell Scott Photography. 

Farmers Tom and Irene Ulm, who protected the family farm.  Photo credit California Farmland Trust.

Our Team

Executive Director Charlotte Mitchell. Photo credit Salvo Image.

Program Associate Aundriea Montzingo.  Photo credit Salvo Image.

Conservation Director Chelsea Molina.  Photo credit Salvo Image.


Fourth graders on a Raley’s Field Trips on the Farm, hosted by First Generation Farmers in Brentwood.  Photo credit California Farmland Trust.

Fourth grade students on a Raley’s Field Trips on the farm hosted by Steamboat Acres in Courtland.  Photo credit California Farmland Trust.

California Farmland Trust team members receiving training in easement monitoring.  Photo credit California Farmland Trust.


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