Intel on Cherries!

Cherries on the tree

Cherries are so much more than just delicious, sweet, naturally good snacks… they are healthy and pack a super food punch too.

Here’s the Intel on Cherry Production and Health Benefits
California is the second largest cherry producing state in the U.S. behind Washington. Farmers typically plant about 100 trees per acre. Pollination is essential for production and because cherry trees are not self-pollinating, two varieties of cherries must be planted in each orchard at a ratio of 9 to 1. Honey bees are the main pollinator.

Cherry tree row

After an orchard is planted, it takes about 6 years to produce its first major crop. California cherries for the fresh market are harvested by hand leaving the stem, or pedicels, intact. They are harvested at the firm-mature stage and, traditionally, color change is used to determine when they are ready for harvest.

California Cherry season typically extends from mid-May through June. This short, six-week season goes by like the blink of an eye, resulting in high consumer demand for California Cherries and tremendous anticipation long before the season begins! Thus we are sharing now – so you can be ready!

Why you should eat more cherries!

  • Low-Cal Snack: 21 cherries have less than 100 calories
  • Melatonin: Cherries have it! Promoting an overall healthy sleep pattern – try some to overcome jet lag.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Studies suggest they may help to control arthritis and gout.
  • Antioxidants: cherries have ’em – and they may help reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Anthocyanins: the anthocyanins found in cherries may help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Low Glycemic: with an index of 22, cherry sugars release more slowly and evenly leaving you feeling fuller longer.
  • Potassium: cherries are a good source. Increasing evidence shows that a diet rich in potassium may help control blood pressure and reduce the risk for hypertension and stroke.

It just happens to also be national canned food month… so make some yummy cherry cream cheese pie with canned cherries HERE.