Field Trips on the Farm

Local students get the full farm-to-fork experience:

Field Trips on the Farm start in April – come join us!

BRENTWOOD, CA: Many of us ‘get’ the farm-to-fork concept in theory, but how many of us really get to see it in action? How many kids get the chance to see where their food comes from? Although we are surrounded by farmland, most students have little to no understanding of where their food grows.

California Farmland Trust (CFT) is excited to announce the continuation of Raley’s Field Trips on the Farm. Sponsored by Raley’s, with educational materials provided by the California Foundation for Ag in the Classroom, field trips bring the farm-to-fork concept to life.

“This program helps students gain an understanding of the process to get food from the farm to their lunch boxes and appreciation for the farmland that surrounds them.” said Melanee Cottrill, CFT Associate Director. “Our hope is that these kids will see farmland is inherently valuable and a fundamental, irreplaceable part of our food system, not just open space to be built upon.”

In April and May students will visit First Generation Farmers, an organic farm in Knightsen, with an educational tour led by several first generation farmers and owner Barbara Cecchini.  

Tours are hands-on with educational activities. Students will discover the differences between conventional and organic farming, how to make vermicompost, how to identify various fruit trees, and get up close and personal with chickens, ducks, goats, and sheep.

The tours will culminate at the local Raley’s grocery store, where managers show students how produce is delivered to the store, is organized, and then readied for purchase. The students will finish off with a nutritious lunch provided by Raley’s – bringing the farm to fork concept full circle for them.

Part of the mission of the California Farmland Trust is to connect the next generation with the farms and farmers that grow their food. In doing so, we hope to give them a memorable experience that deepens their understanding of the preciousness of these resources –  and the necessity to protect them.

“Raley’s is committed to growing the next generation of healthy eaters and in that vein, we need farmers who are focused on sustaining our farm land,” said Becca Whitman, Raley’s Community Relations Manager & Executive Director, Food for Families. “Our partnership with California Farmland Trust allows us to show youth how their food is grown and at the same time, emphasize the importance of preserving agricultural lands.  It’s a great combination of nutrition education, sustainability education, and workforce development.” 

Media interested in attending may contact CFT for more information. We invite you to come see for yourself the light in these kids’ eyes as they learn about their food, touch and taste on the farm, and make the full circle connection at Raley’s. Upcoming tour dates are: April 4, April 9, May 16, and May 30.