Strategic Growth and Philanthropy Committee

The strategic marketing and philanthropy committee is charged with overseeing and increasing fundraising and external awareness of California Farmland Trust’s (CFT) efforts. Committee members are expected to evaluate communications efforts and strategies; bolsters external awareness of CFT’s efforts by assisting in sharing communications via email, social media, and in person. In addition, committee members will oversee fund development efforts, leverage existing relationships with key donors and sponsors; assist staff in identifying and cultivating new potential sponsors and donors; steward and spread awareness of our planned giving program; assist staff in submitting grant applications as needed; and review all gifts made to CFT. The ideal committee member is deeply passionate about farmland protection, has relationships with a wide variety of people both inside and outside the agriculture community, and enjoys spreading the word about CFT’s mission in every manner possible.  This committee meets bi-monthly virtually. This committee is co-chaired by a committee member and staff.

Budget, Finance, and Risk Management Committee

The Budget, Finance, and Risk Management committee is responsible for oversight of CFT’s financial affairs.  The ideal committee member will have a high level of attention to detail, interest or a background in finance, insurance and the ability to envision CFT’s perpetual financial future.  The committee is charged with: regularly reviewing financial records and reports to ensure the appropriateness and accuracy of the reports and items contained within; providing initial review and commentary on a staff-created annual budget; advising the Board on prudent investment strategies in managing several million dollars of restricted invested funds; and developing fiscal and monetary policies, procedures, and internal controls to ensure CFT’s financial integrity and ability to steward easements in perpetuity. At least every 5 years the committee, in consultation with the insurance agent, will evaluate the insurance needs to determine risk exposure for its directors and officer’s liability, property, general liability, and other insurance needs. This committee, minus the Treasurer, will also serve as the organization’s audit committee with the task of overseeing the annual audit. The audit committee will meet as necessary. This committee meets via virtually, bi-monthly.

Events Committee

The events committee is convened as needed for significant fundraising events.  The committee is responsible for providing high-level guidance to staff on evaluating potential fundraising events, planning and organizing selected events, and ensuring events meet their fundraising and friendraising goals.  Committee members are expected to assist with seeking raffle prizes and other auction items, including experiences; creating invitation lists and personally inviting guests to events; seeking corporate event sponsorships; assisting with at-event logistics such as set-up and tear-down as needed; and networking with event attendees.  The ideal committee member has strong relationships with a wide variety of people, is detail oriented, and likes to do hand-on work at events.  This committee meets as needed depending on the annual event schedule; members are also expected to attend events.

Executive Committee

The executive committee is comprised of the officers (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer).  The committee meets monthly, acting on behalf of the board as needed in months without board meetings.  The committee supervises the executive director; reviews all financials and board meeting agendas; approves potential new board members after evaluation by the governance committee; acts on human resource matters; annually reviews all corporate governance policies and procedures; reviews major actions by other committees prior to board approval; and takes other executive actions as needed.  The president provides leadership to the board, leads meetings, and interacts closely with the executive director. The vice president chairs meetings when the president is unavailable. The treasurer coordinates financial oversight and chairs the budget, finance and risk management committee.

Governance Committee

The purpose of the Governance Committee is to oversee the recruitment and onboarding of potential new board and committee members.  Committee members are expected to take an active role in networking and promoting opportunities available with CFT committees to individuals who may be qualified and interested in getting involved.  The ideal committee member is one who has strong relationships with a wide variety of individuals and a passion for recruitment.  The committee is responsible for: vetting candidates for board and committee seats; recruitment of directors and committee members; nomination of directors; and orientation, training, evaluation, and recognition of board and committee members.  This committee meets via bi-monthly conference calls.