California Farmland Trust Awarded 2021 CalAgPlate Grant Funding

Thanks to the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s (CDFA) California Special Interest License Plate (CalAgPlate) grant program, California Farmland Trust (CFT) is proud to be awarded funding to distribute an additional 40 Orange You Glad We Have Farmland kits to classrooms all throughout California.

Geared toward third through fifth grade students, the Orange You Glad We Have Farmland curriculum provides students with a hands-on, poster-based activity, to better understand just how little farmland is left in the world to supply food for our growing population. Students learn fractions in a tangible, sensory-oriented manner by cutting an orange and exploring how the slices resemble various parts of earth. Once they complete the activity, they can enjoy a fresh, California orange as a nutritious and healthy snack.

“The funds provided by the CalAgPlate grant program have helped connect our youth back to the farmland that grows food for their own families and created conservation-based habits, while also teaching them the importance of farmland protection for their generation and generations to come,” said Katie Otto, development and operations director at CFT. “We are thankful to receive another round of funds from CDFA’s CalAgPlate program.”

CFT was chosen as one of the five organizations to receive funds under the 2021 CalAgPlate grant, which aims to fund efforts that enhance agricultural education and leadership opportunities. The Orange You Glad We Have Farmland curriculum aligns with California Education Standards and includes a Spanish option, to better serve a wider segment of California’s youth.

CFT previously received funding from the CalAgPlate grant in 2020 to fund initial kit development and disbursement, reaching 1,000 students statewide. The 2021 grant money will supply materials for 1,000 students to complete the activity in-person or virtually, including English and Spanish educational posters, fresh oranges, reusable cutting boards, and student-safe knives. More information on CFT’s education and outreach efforts can be found at


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