Protect Fiorini Ranch


Help make the fiorini family’s dreams come true and ensure their land remains in farming, and in their family

California Farmland Trust is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to protecting California’s working landscapes that provide stewardship, open space, and natural habitat. To date, the California Farmland Trust has conserved 16,708 acres of private, valuable farmland. Land that produces the food that feeds our growing population. To donate now, click here


Located in Merced County, Fiorini Ranch is comprised of Prime Soil and Farmland of Statewide Importance according to the California Dep. of Conservation’s Farmland Mapping and Monitoring Program.


Founded in 1909, Fiorini Ranch has a long history in California. The fourth-generation actively operates the ranch and the fifth generation spends quality time with pop in the shop, learning valuable life-long skills.


The Fiorini family has adopted and embraced farming practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the biodiversity of beneficial insects, and further reduce soil erosion.


Thanks to the Henry Mayo Newhall Foundation, every donation made to protect Fiorini Ranch will be matched, up to $80,000.

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Protect Fiorini Ranch

Now, you can have a role in protecting valuable farmland by making a donation to Protect Fiorini Ranch. With your help, we can build a farmland sustainability fund that will allow the California Farmland Trust to purchase the development rights to this significant property and conserve the ranch forever. Our campaign goal is to reach $165,000 to turn Fiorini’s dream into a reality. Thanks to the Henry Mayo Newhall Foundation, your donation will be matched, up to $80,000, and will make a significant difference to continue their family legacy on the ranch and share their inspiring story with others well into the future. The primary purpose of these funds will be dedicated to Protect Fiorini Ranch. Should the Protect Fiorini Ranch project not be completed, the donated funds will be redirected for a similar purpose.

“My father Forest once told me that our land is our most valuable resource, and productive farmland will only diminish over time so take good care of it.” – Randy Fiorini

Our family has farmed this land sustainably, and productively for over 100 years. It is threatened by the potential of urban development, and our family wishes to preserve the ability to continue to contribute to our nations healthy food needs and working landscapes. Sustainable farming requires an environmental awareness and sensitivity. Water use efficiency, integrated pest management, emission reducing equipment and monitoring plant health are some of the expressions of our family’s core environmental values.

After all, farming is more than a business, it is also a way of life. My grandfather and father worked hard and provided me an opportunity to choose agriculture as my chosen career path. I think there is a danger as the population in California becomes further removed from agriculture, the appreciation for the value of working the land will diminish and threats to convert farmland will increase unless steps are taken now to protect farmland in the Central Valley.

Building a greater future takes experts in every field.

Watch this short video from California Ag Network featuring Randy Fiorini, as he explains the program and needed support to achieve his goal. Help protect Fiorini Ranch today!



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